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"ZF hilft."

With responsibility towards the future

"ZF hilft." is a registered nonprofit association for worldwide aid and relief for humanitarian affairs.

In April 2005, the "ZF hilft." association was founded by ZF in order to professionally administer the high monetary amounts donated by ZF employees for the the tsunami flood victims.

Help people to help themselves

Ever since, "ZF hilft." supports donation projects all around the globe e.g. for victims of natural disaster, epidemics, infectious diseases, and famine.

More than 15 million Euro were collected until now.

100 percent of the donations are destined for the relief projects because the ZF Group covers the complete general administration expenses of the association.

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"ZF hilft." reports on the utilization of the donations on a regular basis in order to inform the employees in which projects the donations were used and what was achieved. Such reporting is particularly important since also in the future, “ZF hilft." counts on the willingness of the workforce of the ZF Group to give charitable donations.

Since his foundation the association received more than
EUR in donations.
The association places high value of sustainable aid and, hence, selects above all projects with longer-term character, as for example:

  • "100 years – 100 schools“ For ZF's anniversary year 2015, "ZF hilft." rolled out the so far largest humanitarian education project in it's history: 100 schools received worldwide financial support for the setup of buildings and infrastructure, the training of pedagogues as well as training aids. In addition, bicycles to African children facilitate since that time the often miles long path to the school which they must master beside her many domestic tasks.
  • Aid in the need: "ZF hilft." supports initiatives of well-respected organizations who provide assistance in crisis regions fast and with lasting effect.
  • Microloans for the future: In India micro loans help people to establish own and long-term existence.

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Deutsche Bank Friedrichshafen

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Note: As a charitable organization we are allowed to issue German tax receipts for donations.