A group of children clap their hands. A group of children clap their hands.
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School Expansion in Senegal: More Education for Kids

In Médina Chérif, South Senegal, most children grow up without any opportunity to education because many parents cannot afford the associated costs - and, for reasons of tradition, girls are often excluded from school. Those who may nevertheless attend an educational institution have to cope with unfavorable studying conditions: The makeshift classrooms are way too small and in addition, there are not enough studying materials and food supplies.

"ZF hilft." and the "UNESCO - Bildung für Kinder in Not" foundation (education for children in need) will put an end to these deficiencies: A new school in massive brickwork construction will be erected in Médina Chérif. At this school, more than 500 children will receive age-appropriate education. The planned drinking water well, a vegetable garden, and a canteen will guarantee a healthy diet - for an education on a solid, future-proof foundation.

Find some impressions from school expansion in Médina Chérif.

A Full Stomach Means Better Studying Conditions

The construction and furnishing of a new school with five classrooms aims at increasing the number of children attending school. In addition to the school building, two rows of toilet facilities, an administration building, and wells with hydraulic system for the guaranteed supply of drinking water will be constructed. But studying with an empty stomach is not very easy - two school vegetable gardens are the remedy. They will provide the children with a healthy and balanced diet.

Just like all school projects of the UNESCO foundation, this one is also implemented in cooperation with the Senegalese Ministry of Education. This ministry pays the teachers' salaries and the school's operating costs. So far, all educational projects of the UNESCO foundation have always been continued in the long term, after the expiration of the original project.