Help for Turkey & Syria Help for Turkey & Syria
ZF hilft.2023: Earthquake in Turkey & Syria

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: Call for Donation

“ZF hilft.” will donate 200,000 Euro and is launching a donation campaign to help the affected people in both countries. 

Heaviest earthquakes shook southeast Turkey and regions in Syria. According to information from the news and the WHO, up to 23 million people are affected, at least 5,000 people died and more than 20,000 were injured in both countries. Thousands of buildings collapsed and this has displaced many families, leaving them homeless. This force of nature affected an area in the vicinity of approx. 400 sq. km including big industrial cities of Turkey and neighboring Syria.

First aid measures are taken worldwide, for example activities for donating blood have started as well as international donation campaigns and direct help is ramping up – but this takes time.

Immediate help: ZF hilft e.V. will donate 200,000 Euros

“ZF hilft.” decided immediately that 200,000 Euros will be donated as direct help. To help the affected people in both countries, ”ZF hilft.” is launching a donation campaign.