ZF hilft.2022 - War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine: “ZF hilft.” Starts Fundraiser

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The international media report on what is happening in our immediate European neighborhood continuously. The images of war disturb and unite recipients in dismay and compassion. Solidarity actions and peace demonstrations are taking place all over the world. In addition, there is great interest among the populations in relief and fundraising organizations for the needy people in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries.

“We are all deeply saddened by the human suffering and devastation this war has caused in just one week. Now we want to enable everyone to do something for the people affected in Ukraine and for the many refugees. ZF helps!”
Sabine Jaskula, Chief Human Resources Officer ZF Group and Chairwoman of the Board of ZF hilft e.V.

As of Now, All Can Donate!

In order to help the affected people in Ukraine and the neighboring countries, ZF hilft e.V. is launching a new donation and aid campaign:

Donations can be made to the following account:
ZF hilft e.V.:
Bank: Deutsche Bank Friedrichshafen
Iban: DE59 6507 0084 0393 9394 00
Reference: ”Ukraine“

“Facing this catastrophe, we are experiencing a new form of solidarity in Europe. We stand together and help across borders, cultures and languages. Everyone can contribute, everyone can help. Therefore, I ask all colleagues at ZF to help the people in Ukraine in this emergency. Every donation counts.”
Achim Dietrich, Chairman of the General Works Council ZF Group and Deputy Chairman of the Board ZF hilft e.V.